General Management

General Management

Art of Human Management

Leadership Strategic Management

Awareness Training

Strategic HR Management Subtleties

Advanced Risk Management Methods

Crisis management and ways to get out of the crisis as profitable

Problem Solving Techniques Lean Company Transformation

Lean Company Transformation

International Contract Management

Purchasing Trainings

Cost Reduction Strategies

Strategic Purchasing and Category Management

Purchasing Price Management

Purchase Agreement Management

How will the Future Purchase be?

What is Digital Purchasing / Purchasing?

Supply Management and Process Improvement Methods

International Purchasing Strategies Elements to be Considered in Technical Purchasing

Technical Cost Analyses and Cost Reduction Strategies

Cost Reduction Methods in Customs and Foreign Trade

Budget and Report Management

Negotiation Management

Indirect Purchasing and Outsourcing Management

Financial Analysis in Purchasing

Entrepreneur Role of the Purchaser

Planning & Production & Start-Up

Planning & Production & Start-UP

Statistical Data Analysis and Decision Making Methods

Management with Scenario Planning

Entrepreneurship – New Entrepreneurship / Start-Up Management

Finance Trainings

Finance Trainings

Purchasing Financial Process Management

Success Story in Finance

Capital Market Training

Sales Management Trainings

Sales Management Trainings

Advanced Bargaining Methods

The Heart of Sales in Crisis

B2B Marketing

Statistical Data Analysis and Decision Making Methods

The ability of the salesman to sell the unsold

Profitable Export Methods

Logistics, Warehouse and Maintenance Trainings

Logistics, Warehouse and Maintenance Trainings

Logistics and Shipment Management

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Stock Analysis and Stock Reduction Methods

How do we increase productivity in production?

What are the current production planning approaches?

Maintenance Management / Invisible Cost: How are maintenance services checked?