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Crisis and Risk Management Consultancy

The most recent COVID-19 crisis in the world is neither the first nor the last crisis. The world has experienced this type of crisis many times. At least 10 cases of high mortal Pandemic have occurred in human history.

Humanity will face similar problems in the future, possibly due to changing nature conditions.

So what should we do in such a situation? We normally provided this service within the scope of Management Consultancy. However, by using our level of expertise in this field, we aim to enable companies to get out of the crisis much stronger by minimizing the methods and risks to turn these and many other formats into crises.

Crises will always exist in the history of the world, but companies that want to maintain their sustainability after this stage have to do this with professional partners.

Purchasing Consultancy

Purchasing Department Configuration

It is to win while buying the golden rule that should not be forgotten in trade. Purchasing is one of the most important departments of businesses. For this reason, the infrastructures of purchasing departments must be strong. MonDes leads the creation of strong purchasing departments by providing consultancy services to both national and international companies.

Purchasing / Digital Purchasing

The study related to the Purchasing in Turkey was conducted by MonDes Global. MonDes Global ensures integration of Purchasing in the Industrial practices being the most essential requirement of firms in this era and thus ensure profitability of purchasing departments of firms to be at further higher levels.

Increasing Profitability

Sales prices are determined by the market all over the world. Therefore, sales do not determine the profitability of the companies. The most important department to ensure profitability is the Purchasing Department. The biggest mistake of the businesses emerges at this point. Therefore, companies must ensure their profitability in order to take place in the international arena.

Since this is one of the main goals of MonDes Global, it has accomplished great projects while achieving the goals of the companies.

Budget Preparation

No wind will benefit the ship, the direction of which is not clear. Imagine a company can go on its way without knowing what to spend and not knowing what to gain.

MonDes Global leads the companies in meeting the targeted budgets under what conditions to be considered in budget preparation to ensure that the firms stand upright under difficult conditions.

Institutionalization & Institutional Strategy

Institutionalization & Institutional Strategy

Although it may seem very familiar in the first place, almost all companies think that they have completed their institutionalization studies when they are working on subjects such as letterhead, corporate color determination etc. However, institutionalization is an identity and a war of existence for generations. And all businesses must overcome this war.

MonDes Global pioneers all the work that needs to be done in order for the businesses to exist for generations by enabling them to be institutionalized in a real sense.

Preparation of the Company Constitution in Family Companies

Approximately ninety percent of businesses, which were established with enormous efforts and belief, bankrupted or changed hands after the 1st or 2nd Generation as found as a result of the statistics made in respect of family companies.  For this reason, it supports our companies by doing the necessary works for our companies to survive for centuries, especially by doing serious workshops in family companies.

Warehouse and Logistics Management

Failure of a company’s warehouse and logistics departments to work can result in both communication accidents and unforeseen costs. With its expertise in warehouse and logistics management, MonDes Global supports in minimizing disruptions and costs in operations.

Advanced Sales Analysis and Marketing Strategies

Locomotive duty in companies is in Sales and Marketing unit. It all starts with sales. The most important step for profitable sales is to build the right strategy. With its competent staff and experience, MonDes Global develops the most accurate strategic moves and puts companies ahead of the competition.

Legal Counseling

Many companies also request management of their legal processes within the scope of Management Consultancy. Support for all legal processes that take place within the scope of management consultancy within our body can be given by our legal consultants.



Today, many companies receive outsourcing services to lower costs and develop more professional approaches. MonDes Global provides outsourcing services to companies with many local and foreign experts within its organization in the fields of Purchasing, Finance and Human Resources.

Management Consulting & Strategic Management

Management Consulting & Strategic Management

The oldest art in the world is to manage people. Many companies in Turkey seriously get pressed for cash as a result of their mistakes in terms of management. Whether your goal is to grow your company, develop it with a comprehensive transformation and make it more competitive, you have to create your management strategy. MonDes Global’s core expertise is leading companies to provide the right moves with the right management strategies.