Purchasing Consultancy

Purchasing Department Configuration

It is to win while buying the golden rule that should not be forgotten in trade. Purchasing is one of the most important departments of businesses. For this reason, the infrastructures of purchasing departments must be strong. MonDes leads the creation of strong purchasing departments by providing consultancy services to both national and international companies.

Purchasing / Digital Purchasing

The study related to the Purchasing in Turkey was conducted by MonDes Global. MonDes Global ensures integration of Purchasing in the Industrial practices being the most essential requirement of firms in this era and thus ensure profitability of purchasing departments of firms to be at further higher levels.

Increasing Profitability

Sales prices are determined by the market all over the world. Therefore, sales do not determine the profitability of the companies. The most important department to ensure profitability is the Purchasing Department. The biggest mistake of the businesses emerges at this point. Therefore, companies must ensure their profitability in order to take place in the international arena.

Since this is one of the main goals of MonDes Global, it has accomplished great projects while achieving the goals of the companies.

Budget Preparation

No wind will benefit the ship, the direction of which is not clear. Imagine a company can go on its way without knowing what to spend and not knowing what to gain.

MonDes Global leads the companies in meeting the targeted budgets under what conditions to be considered in budget preparation to ensure that the firms stand upright under difficult conditions.