Why MonDes Global?

MonDes Global comes from a culture that has adopted the economy and business world as its main rule for 60 years. The main philosophy of MonDes Global, which brings together 60 years of business experience with the consultants and educators who study at the best schools in the world, is to do its job with faith. With this belief, MonDes Global will continue to work with this philosophy and will continue to lead companies to move ahead of the era by determining the strategic road map.

In addition, it has directed companies to increase profitability and increased its international competitiveness with high profitability. Many Mondes regard as the Global Purchasing Management 4.0 and 4.0 / digital management concepts pioneered in bringing to the business world and the academic community was the first company in Turkey working on this issue.

Believe first …
If you want to accomplish something, first believe it and we believe in you and we want to walk on the same path with you.

MonDes Global entered the business world 60 years ago by operating in the construction industry.

It pioneered in many subjects in its sector and it also contributed to its country by following the trends emerging in the world.


MonDes Global, bundan 60 yıl önce iş dünyasına inşaat sektöründe faaliyet göstererek girmiştir.